Brand Identity

Your company deserves to have an unforgettable brand, and we'll help you build it.

You’ve worked hard to bring your business to life, and you want your brand to stand out among the rest. A professional and trustworthy image is what draws customers to your business, and you do that through various types of “branding” strategies.

When you can show customers that you’re different than your competitors, and then back it up with excellent customer service, it solidifies your brand.

So what does a brand consist of anyway? Great question! The basic components are:

  • A logo
  • Theme colors and font
  • A tagline
  • A company voice
  • Mission and vision statements

If you don’t have a logo, we can refer you to a graphic designer. If you already have one, that’s all we need to start brand-building!

Before we start on your website, we’ll help you choose colors and a font that complement your logo. Next, we’ll determine your “company voice.” Do you want your website and your brand to showcase a sense of humor? Do you want to showcase compassion and understanding?

Whether you’re going for ‘light-hearted’ or ‘heart-to-heart,’ we’ll capture the essence of your unique business and how you prefer to communicate with your customers.

After that, we’ll create a tagline that sums up who your company is in one sentence.

Finally, we’ll craft a mission statement and vision statement to give customers and idea of what you currently do (mission statement) and what you hope to do in the future (vision statement).

When it comes to creating a consistent brand identity, your website design and all forms of marketing materials (website landing pages, blog posts, social media accounts, and hard-copy marketing materials) should support your company’s logo, color palette, voice, and mission.

We’ll work with you to establish a cohesive brand that attracts your ideal customer demographic.

Have more questions about brand identity or our other services? We’re happy to answer them!

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