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Great question! The simple answer is yes — we offer a la carte services. Your marketing strategy doesn’t have to include every service that we offer, and that’s why we don’t offer “packages.” 

Since we customize every single marketing plan, we don’t offer templates where you’re forced to include services that you don’t need. 

If it’s determined that you would benefit from all of our services, and that’s what you want, then great! If you’ve decided that you only want website content, then that’s what we’ll do!

The bottom line? We’ll never pressure you into anything. We want you to believe in our services, and know that you’ll see a return on your investment.

If you’re unsure exactly what you need, we’re more than help to help. We’ll assess your current brand and marketing strategy to see if and how they can be optimized with the services that we offer.

It depends. There are certain cases where a website looks good overall and just needs a few tweaks, and we’re more than happy to do that.

However, if your website needs a complete overhaul, it’s often more cost effective to start from scratch. 

We offer free website audits in which we give our honest opinion. If your site looks great as is, we’ll tell you! If it needs improvement, we’ll let you know how we can specifically make it look better and function more efficiently.

In most cases, we can take your current content and use it as a foundation for updated SEO content.

The more content we have to work with, the better! We’ll look at what you have, and let you know if we’ll need to create brand new content or if we can edit what’s already there.

Yes! Whether you already have high-quality photos or need us to take some for you, we can create product descriptions to go with your images.

We create engaging descriptions that provide all of the necessary details about your product, and also optimize them so that they show up in Google searches. 

If you want to see an increase in sales, high-quality photographs and product descriptions are an absolute must (which you already know since you asked a great question)!

Absolutely! If your logo is already in place, we can start by establishing a color palette and specific aesthetics for all of your digital marketing materials.

After those visual aspects are determined, we’ll help you develop the details regarding who your company is and what it represents.

Creating a company voice, a tag line, and a mission statement are necessary for building a solid brand. We’ll not only create your customized brand, but make sure that it’s carried throughout your website, social media accounts, and other marketing mediums.

That’s definitely not asking too much! We get it — you’re busy running your business, which is why you’re looking for a marketing company!

Some of our clients have very specific ideas of what they want their website to look like, and others just a general idea.

Whether you’re particular about the details or not, we’ll work with you to make sure that the end result represents your brand, your business, and your dream.

That’s a great question, and one that we’re always happy to answer. We’re transparent and upfront about our pricing whenever we meet with clients. However, we don’t list prices on our website since it’s impossible for us to know how much detail your project will entail until we meet with you.

For example, we create custom website designs, and the cost depends on the number of web pages and the amount of content needed, as well as the number of buttons, apps, menus, forms, maps, photographs, and so on.

Rest assured that when we give you a quote, there are no hidden fees — we give you an honest assessment at a competitive price. 

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