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Absolutely! Our $1,950 Foundation website package includes 4 webpages, and is a great start for a small business. 

As your business grows, and thus your marketing budget grows, you can add on additional webpages in the future (the cost is $450 per additional webpage).

If you prefer to start off with more webpages, we can do that upfront. Depending on your business niche, we might recommend more than four webpages to start with in order to increase your online presence (the more relevant information on your site, the better).

For example, if your business offers multiple services, it’s ideal to have a separate webpage for each service.

However, it’s totally up to you, as we can always add more information at a later time. All of our add-ons are ‘a la carte,’ meaning that you can pick and choose which ones you want ~ now or later!

To see our full list of add-on services, along with their prices, click here.

That’s a great question (and a common one)!

The overarching question is: What will produce a greater return on your investment? And by investment, we’re referring to both money and time.

DIY website builders don’t provide custom SEO copy, and they don’t create SEO titles and meta descriptions for you either. If you’re not a professional copywriter, it’ll be very difficult to do all of that yourself. It’s important to remember that the type of information that’s offered on a website can make or break a potential sale.

In addition, your website design will look like thousands of other websites, as DIY sites only offer a limited number of templates from which to choose. Believe it or not, the overall appearance of your website can have a positive or negative impact on sales.

Those things may not seem like a big deal, but having a website that looks almost identical to the websites of other local businesses that are in your market isn’t good, as your business won’t stand out to prospective customers.

In addition to blending in online, the layout and organization of each webpage on your site can help or hinder sales. Simply put, a poorly formatted website can lead to lost revenue.

We don’t recommend taking shortcuts when it comes to establishing your online presence because your livelihood depends on it!

Professional photographs help establish trust between a business and it’s consumers. The higher the quality (i.e. high resolution, high aesthetic appeal, etc.), the more likely a prospective customer is willing to invest in what you’re offering ~ whether it be products, services, or an experience.

Even if we deliver a stunning website design and well-written copy (which we promise to do!), the whole website can be brought down by blurry photos with bad lighting and low resolutions. That’s why we truly believe that you’ll see a literal return on your investment when you choose professional photos.

That being said, we understand that great pictures can be taken on newer smart phones, as long as you know how to achieve the proper lighting, angles, and so on. We’re more than happy to offer our professional opinion as to whether your own photos will work perfectly, or if professional photos will be more beneficial for your website.

Additionally, we understand that each business has its own unique budget. At the end of the day, you can decide if you want to use your own photos, whether it’s for financial reasons or because you know how to take awesome photos!

We value and respect you and your budget. If you have the money to invest in professional photos, we’ll make sure to deliver high quality ones at an affordable price!

Absolutely! If your logo is already in place, we can start by establishing a color palette and specific aesthetics for your custom website.

After those visual aspects are determined, we’ll help you develop the details regarding who your company is and what it represents.

Creating a company voice, tag line, mission statement, and color palette is necessary for building a solid brand, and our branding package is the best deal in town (only $300)!

Yes! We can take your current written text (known as “copy”), and use it as a reference to create professional copy that is creatively written and search-engine optimized.

Once we complete your new copy, we’ll send it to you in a Word document so that you (or your previous web designer) can upload it to your website.

Contact us for a quote!

If website maintenance is done correctly, it’s not a waste of money, and it is definitely necessary to keep your website running effectively. You can ultimately make the decision not to do it, but we would be sad to see your investment fall apart (and you would be too)!

Let’s look at this way: When you purchase a brand new car, you know that you’ll have to spend money on maintenance work to keep it running smoothly.

It would be unwise to buy a car, and then refuse to do oil changes, tire rotations, alignments, filter replacements, and so on because your car would quickly deteriorate without those things. You know that those services protect your investment, and also prevent you from spending thousands of dollars on much bigger issues that can largely be avoided with maintenance.

In the same way, a website has to have regular “tune-ups” in order for your customers to have a positive user experience. If updates are not performed, your entire website might start running very slowly, buttons and links may stop working, and your website may even stop displaying entire web pages altogether!

We recommend giving your custom website a little TLC because your sales will come to a halt if prospective customers can’t find the information that they’re looking for.

You can rest assured that we will only recommend services that will help your business continue to grow, and with monthly maintenance, you’ll definitely see a return on your investment.

Absolutely! One of the many upsides of digital marketing is that it can be done from anywhere. While we literally craft our digital marketing services in Louisville, KY, those services can be created for any small business in the United States.

Whether you own a business in the surrounding areas, such as Nashville or Cincinnati, or somewhere farther like Miami or Denver, we’ll provide the same great customer service no matter where you’re located.

That’s definitely not asking too much! We get it — you’re busy running your business, which is why you’re looking for a marketing company!

We’ll obtain the details that we need to create a beautiful, user-friendly website for you.

Our number one goal is to make sure that the end result represents your brand, your business, and your dream.

Yes! We understand that many startups want to establish a solid online presence, but don’t have the funds to do so.

If you created a DIY website, but aren’t sure if it’s marketing your business effectively, we can help.

We offer “The Customized Marketing Strategy” package that gives you specific suggestions on how to improve multiple aspects of your current website, as well as your overall brand identity.

It’s perfect for do-it-yourselfers! For the details, please click here.

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