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If you’re ready to establish your online presence with a stunning website at an unbeatable price, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re glad that you’re here, and we’re excited to meet you! We encourage you to read all of the information on our website, as it’ll give you lots of helpful details about who we are and what we offer.

Once you do that, we can talk about getting started on your project during our no-obligation, free 30-minute consultation.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Contact Us to Schedule

After you look at our price list, and confirm that what you need is within your marketing budget, you're ready to start! Reach out to our owner, Kelly, via email at, and she will schedule a day and time that works best for you.

Step 2: Free Phone Consultation

On the agreed upon date and time, we'll chat for 30 minutes at no cost to you, and if you have questions as we discuss your business and marketing goals, we're happy to answer them!

If you have additional questions after our initial 30-minute phone call, we can schedule another meeting. A second (30-minute) consultation is $50.

Step 3: Your Marketing Proposal

After your consultation, we can create a customized marketing proposal. This will be created based on your stated goals for your business.

The marketing proposal is $75, and includes a basic outline of your marketing strategy, a good faith estimate of the total cost (with an itemized breakdown for each individual service), as well as an approximate timeline for when your project will be completed.

If you spend $950 or more (on any of the services in the proposal), the $75 fee will be credited to your total amount owed.

Step 4: Sign a Contract

If we both decide that we're a good match, we'll send you a contract, and we'll schedule a phone call to go over the contract together so that you understand exactly what to expect. The purpose of the contract is to lay out everything that we're going to deliver, so that you can rest assured that you'll get exactly what you've dreamed of!

You can take time to think about it after that, and when you're ready to hit the start button, you'll just provide your electronic signature, and off we go!

Step 5: Make Your First Payment

For all projects, we require a 50% deposit upfront, and then you'll pay the other 50% once the project has been completed. We'll send you a link via PayPal where you can make your deposit payment, and then we can officially get started.

Step 6: We Start on Your Customized Marketing Plan

Once your deposit goes through, we officially get to work! First, we'll send you a list of questions pertaining to specific aspects of your business. The information you provide will help us create the perfect copy (i.e. written content) for your website or other marketing mediums.

We will also obtain other necessary information, and schedule dates for in-person services, such as photography and/or videography.

Step 7: Review and Launch

If we're building a website for you, we'll create the homepage of your website first and have you review it (we'll send you a link to a 'preview' version). At that point, you can let us know if you want to change any of the content.

We'll make your requested revisions, and after you approve them, we'll build the rest of the webpages, and have you review those as well. Once we make your requested revisions and you approve them, we're ready to publish your site!

If your plan consists of other services (photos, videos, SEO copy, etc.), we'll employ a similar review process so that we can get those published as soon as possible.

We take the guesswork out of pricing.

Want to know how much a website will cost? We’ve created a building-block structure with flat fees so that you’ll know exactly how much you’ll spend.

"At AVL Marketing, we root for small businesses. We're proud to offer exceptional customer service and a stunning website design at an unbeatable price. We know that you care about every detail, and we do too. When you choose AVL, you can rest assured that we'll work with you every step of the way to make your vision come to life."
Kelly O
AVL Owner and Senior Marketing Specialist

Interested in website design in Louisville, KY? We're here to help. (And if you don't live locally, we're happy to help you too)!

If you’ve been dreaming of a custom website for your small business, we can make that dream come true. Website design in Louisville, KY (and other major cities) can cost several thousand dollars upfront for a small website.

At AVL Marketing, we approach things differently.

We build a fully-functional ‘foundation’ website at an affordable price. Then, as your budget allows, you can expand that website over time. Learn more about how our unique approach is ideal for small businesses.

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