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Attorney Tracy Hirsch of ‘Hirsch Law’ has been a dream to work with, and we couldn’t ask for a nicer client. We designed her website and all of its components: the tagline, mission statement, color palette, SEO copy, homepage video, and more.

Her website is currently being found on the first page of Google for multiple keywords (due to our local SEO efforts), and she is absolutely thrilled (and so are we)! 

Want to learn how we created her website and digital marketing plan to reflect her unique brand? Scroll down for more details! If you’d like to see the finished product, head on over to www.hirschbklaw.com to see our work!

Hirsch Law Firm

Hirsch Law is a woman-owned business in Louisville, Kentucky run by bankruptcy attorney, Tracy Hirsch. She helps individuals who have unpaid medical bills and credit card debt, as well as other difficult financial situations.

Her goal is to help people protect their homes, cars, and paychecks from being taken by their creditors. She achieves this by helping individuals set up a repayment plan through the local bankruptcy court so that they can make monthly payments on their debts while still keeping their most important assets.

Tracy decided to do a total revamp of her business about two and a half years ago, and changed the name of her law firm and had a new logo made to reflect the name change. We had already been writing SEO blog posts for her original website (made by a previous designer) when she asked us to give feedback on a new logo design.

In addition to feedback on the logo, we recommended a complete overhaul in regards to her website so that it would reflect her personal approach to bankruptcy. She said that she would be delighted with a new website, so we got to work!

We asked her about her vision, and she said that she didn't want her law firm and her website to come across as "corporate, intimidating, and stuffy," but rather "down-to-earth, approachable, and compassionate." She also mentioned that she enjoys helping people, and never wants them to feel embarrassed about discussing bankruptcy.

The first thing we created was a tagline for her law firm. We wanted it to reflect her unique, compassionate approach as an attorney, and to also reflect her belief that bankruptcy can be a positive decision that gives individuals a fresh start.

After we came up with the tagline, "No stigma. No shame," we created a company voice and a website design that reflected that concept, and we also incorporated that compassion into the website copy.

Tracy wanted a way for prospective clients to find her in online searches, so we created a 20-page website to help her achieve that goal. We created a large website due to the saturated market in her geographic location.

We explained that the more pages and relevant information that are displayed on the website, the greater the chances of showing up in online searches. She was happy with that approach, and wanted us to do what was best in terms of establishing her online presence.

We did thorough research on keywords that people were searching for (relating to bankruptcy), and created custom SEO copy for each webpage. We also made sure that her website was easy to navigate on all three digital mediums: desktops/laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

She is thrilled with the final look of the website, and continues to be satisfied with our SEO work, as most of her new clients now come from Google searches!

We have been working with her for almost three years, as we continue to do ongoing work, including: website maintenance, SEO blog posts, social media posts, Google ads, and other forms of online advertising.

It's a joy to see her client base grow now that she has a well-established online presence, and we're grateful for the opportunity to help make her dreams a reality.

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