SEO Copy: Blog Posts and Webpages

We work hard to help your business show up in Google searches. Here's how.

The first step to increasing your business’s online presence is to create an eye-catching website with professional content. The primary type of content that we implement is called “copy,” which is all of the written words that are on your website.

The secondary type of content that we implement consists of high-quality photos and videos.

In regards to website copy, it’s important to utilize SEO (also known as “Search Engine Optimization”), which consists of multiple strategies that increase your chances of being found in Google searches.

Search-engine-optimized copy is written content that contains keywords and phrases that are related to your business, which people are currently searching for in Google.

When prospective customers type those keywords into a Google search bar, the goal is to have your website match those keywords, and show up on the first page of Google’s search results. 

Instead of spending time searching for customers, let those customers find you.

Implement modern SEO strategies with proven results.

That’s why we create two types of well-crafted copy to help drive traffic to your website: SEO webpages and SEO blog posts.

Webpages (also called “landing pages”) are single pages that are linked together to create a website. They are the core foundation of your main website, and provide information about what your business offers and how your products or services can benefit prospective customers.

Blog posts are short-form articles that provide interesting and helpful information that is related to your industry. Blog posts are attached to your main website, and are considered “bonus” copy.

Both SEO webpages and SEO blog posts help people find your website in Google searches.

Here’s another reason that we focus on SEO copy: Google favors websites that publish relevant, high-quality content, and regularly updated content too.

To further increase your chances of receiving a high Google ranking in online searches, we implement additional SEO methods. Within your website’s landing pages and blog posts, we create internal and external links, and we also create custom SEO page titles and meta descriptions.

SEO titles and meta descriptions are vital when it comes to achieving a high Google ranking, and we craft each one with keywords that are relevant to your business.

While there’s not one magic formula for Search Engine Optimization, we’ve had proven success with the methods that we use.

We’re big believers in content-driven SEO strategies, which is part of an “organic” approach. Basically, we start by crafting the highest-quality copy so that customers can find you.

This means that our top priority is to make sure that you’re getting a huge return on your hard-earned investment — your website.

An added bonus to having intelligent SEO copy on your website, is that it creates a good first impression.

If your website has poor sentence structure, improper grammar, and misspelled words, prospective customers will deem your business as untrustworthy. It’s amazing how word presentation can make or break a potential sale!

You can rest easy knowing that we’ll help you put your best face forward with intelligent, engaging, and informative copy. In a nutshell, we’ll do whatever it takes to help you climb up the rankings in Google searches.

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