Tell the world your story through video.

When it comes to modern marketing, having a professional and engaging website is par for the course. What makes a website “professional” and “engaging?”

In addition to a clean design, well-written SEO copy, and high-quality photographs, a video adds a personal touch that shows that your business is more than just a building — it’s about people.

Videos can help build trust between you and your prospective customers. If your customers can tell that you care about them, they’re much more likely to invest in your products and services.

Additionally, having a well-made video on the homepage of your website can help increase your Google ranking (and we’re all about helping people find you online).

At AVL, we offer ‘storytelling’ videos that are specifically made for websites, social media pages, and YouTube ads. Our videos consists of on-location footage, where we show your business in action.

We take the time to capture moments that reflect the intangible parts of your business — what you do and how you do it — and we put it together in an artistic way.

Whether it’s a manager assisting a customer or an employee creating products, we make sure that prospective customers get a glimpse of what makes your business unique.

We then add music and a voiceover that captures the essence of who you are, while giving your video a commercial-like vibe.

When it’s all said and done, we’ll provide a final product that will help you attract and retain loyal customers. We create storytelling videos at an unbeatable price ~ click here to see our price list!

Our Video Work

Please note: For the best viewing experience, after you click the play button, be sure to go to the settings icon and choose 'Quality,' then 'HD (1080p).'

Videos are a creative and efficient way to introduce yourself to your local community. Prospective customers can see who you are, and what your company has to offer.

In this story-telling video, viewers find out what they can expect when they order from Café Jolyn's customized meal delivery service.

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